Hi, I’m Elissa.

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Supervisor, I counsel people facing grief and loss in all aspects of their lives. I discovered that people do not show up to counseling because they found something; rather each person who has the courage to attend counseling has lost something. Whether it be someone they loved, a job, a marriage, a dream, their self-esteem or their health, people walk in with loss as a component to their life experience. I serve individuals, couples and families and my background in grief has benefited my clients in a myriad of ways. Primarily, I guide them in integrating and transforming their loss into meaningful and transcendent experiences and companion them along the journey.

My background is diverse. My bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and biblical texts led me to a master’s degree in both education and counseling. I combine my passion for education and counseling into significant and compassionate professional work. In addition to being the Director of Bereavement Services at Lifebanc (Northeast Ohio’s Organ, Eye, and Tissue Recovery Organization), I maintain a thriving private practice at Ellen Casper and Associates in Beachwood, Ohio.

I teach locally and nationally on a wide range of topics including Self-Care and Resilience, Post Traumatic Growth, Writing as a Means of Healing, Mindfulness and Grief, and Death and Bereavement Across Cultures, to name a few. I am known for my sense of humor, depth of knowledge and willingness to be transparent in my teaching. I am excited to be offering four continuing education courses this year, approved by the Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board of Ohio.

It would be my honor to come to your organization and teach and train your staff in the comfort of your professional home. I invite you to check out the public speaking and teaching options that can be brought to you directly. Finally, I offer private clinical supervision services to counselors who need to earn their 3000 hours towards their final “C.” It is an honor and privilege to serve as a mentor and guide to new counselors.

I look forward to working with you!