Elissa Berman, LPCC-S




I provide clinicians with tools to create opportunities for their clients to find meaning and authenticity in their lives. In addition, through my course offerings, public speaking and supervision, clinicians can enrich and improve their lives by accessing their capacity for resilience and strength.


Elissa Berman

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Supervisor, I counsel people facing grief and loss in all aspects of their lives. I have discovered that people do not show up to counseling because they found something; rather each person who has the courage to attend counseling has lost something. Whether it be someone they loved, a job, a marriage, a dream, their self-esteem or their health, people walk in with loss as a component to their life experience. I serve individuals, couples and families and my background in grief has benefited my clients in a myriad of ways, primarily to guide and companion them to integrate and transform their loss into meaningful and transcendent experiences.

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“Elissa has a natural style of conversation and is most informative about subject matter.”


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